Cheezeballs Sponsored Skating Teams

Pictures and Bios of our Cheezeballs Sponsored Skating Teams


"I’ve skated competitively since 1986 (artistic, quad & inline speed, jam skating), after finally learning to skate at age 9 because I was embarrassed about hanging on to the walls at my friends’ birthday parties. In 2001 my job moved me from Texas to Florida, where I spent the next few years doing a LOT of jam skating, and meeting lots of great skaters who I now get to see on derby leagues all over the country. After moving back to San Antonio and being bummed that hardly anyone jam skated here (they do now, yay!) I finally got talked into coming to a derby practice, which I didn’t think sounded all that cool… Of course I had to eat my words on that one, because I was pretty much hooked on derby from that day on!

My derby career started in 2008 with Alamo City Rollergirls, where I collected a couple “Speed Demon” awards, and was elected as Training Chair and WFTDA Rep. during the 2009 season. I transferred to Texas Rollergirls after the 2009 season, and played there through the 2010 and 2011 seasons. I was co-captain of my home team (the Hell Marys!) last season, and getting to train with the Texecutioners was an awesome experience! After putting far too many miles on my car commuting to Austin for two years, I came back home to my Alamo City Rollergirls late in 2011, and I’m excited to see where the 2012 season takes us!

I’m also a slightly (ok maybe more than slightly) obsessed skate equipment geek. I started my skate business, GetSkates , back in 2003, specializing in high-end custom skates. And my favorite derby tights are some crazy neon ones I still own from skating in the 80s. :)"