Cheezeballs Sponsored Skating Teams

Pictures and Bios of our Cheezeballs Sponsored Skating Teams

Mourning Wood

Mourning Wood grew up in small town Oregon with little to do except play sports including a brief stint as a figure skater when she was a small child. A self-described rink rat, after leaving roller dance she continued spent a lot of time loafing around the local rink.

Wood moved to Los Angeles in 2000 but did not find derby until 2010 when she began skating with the LA Derby Dolls. She was drafted to the LA Derby Dolls home team The Sirens for the 2011 season in which they took the championship for the first time since 2007. In 2012 she was Co-captain of the Sirens, who were undefeated and won their second Championship bout in two years. She is also proud member of the LADD Ri-ettes All-star team who won the Battle on the Bank 2012 Trophy.

Wood is a very vocal proponent of most things derby, and given the chance she gladly debate on technique, strategy, and anything else you care to bring up. She is more than down for a dance-off, after party, or other silliness that usually comes with the derby scene especially if it involves costumes.

"I feel derby has brought me so much, such an amazing community and challenging athletic goals. It’s always nice to get your aggression out on the track after work and then go grab a beer with the women you were just attempting to flatten."