Cheezeballs Sponsored Skating Teams

Pictures and Bios of our Cheezeballs Sponsored Skating Teams

Meow Mix

Stephanie Ghentz, aka Meow Mix, started her skating life as a jam skater at age 12 and was a national level jam skater at 15 years old (won the 2010 championship). After doing a halftime show during a derby bout she was hooked. She then stalked sereval teams and finally pounced on the Jacksonville RollerGirls in Oct, 2008.

As she soon discovered, being a champion jam skater didn't quite translate over to the derby world. So after going thru the same fresh meat program all new skaters do, she joined the rest of the team. The truth is derby wasn't quite as easy as she thought but after learning a few new skills and learning the rules, Meow rocked the track and hasn't stopped since. Her Wisconsin upbringing kept her working hard and helps push her to even greater heights.

Meow is the president of Vanilla Derby and takes bringing some of the best derby products to the public seriously. If her email is less than 200 messages per day, she calls it a vacation day. In addition to all of that, she is also the coach for the Magic City Misfits of the MRDA. Plus, she loves cats. Somehow, I would never expect that from someone named "Meow Mix". I totally had her figured for a dog person.