Cheezeballs Sponsored Skating Teams

Pictures and Bios of our Cheezeballs Sponsored Skating Teams

Betty Ford Galaxy

 Betty Ford Galaxy has seemingly done it all. Starting in 2004, BFG kicked off her derby career in style... by breaking her leg. But she came back to win most improved in her first season. She skated strong ever since with her home team the Thottle Rockets. In 2010 she started on Rat's "B" travel team the Rain of Terror and has served as captain in 2011. She coached Jet City's Camaro Harem in 2009, founded the Seattle Derby Brats in 2006 when no one was thinking of junior derby (and most didn't even know of modern adult derby yet). She is the head coach of SRB's all-star travel team the Galaxy Girls and writes articles on junior derby for fiveonfive magazine and Blood and Thunder magazine . In addition she founded the ad hoc team Trouble Brewing and runs N.O.W derby bootcamps with her friend Re-AnimateHer.

Betty also has an extensive collection of costumes for all sorts of occasions, makes fun videos and is sometimes replaced by a much smaller version of herself when the need comes up in the form of BFG 2.0 (esp when a video camera is around). Betty Ford Galaxy presently has no plans to quit any time soon and seeing how hard she works to stay at the top of her game we can all enjoy a few more years of her in the derby world. To prove this point she just announced her retirement from Rat City and is now skating with the Rainer Roller Girls( to bring her knowledge to another up an coming league in the Seattle area. We are sure she will bring just as much excitement and dedication to the banked track as she has the flat track.