Cheezeballs Skate Bearing Testimonials

Real Reviews from users

"Finally, I would like to pimp Cheezeball bearings. After making a terrible purchase of ______ bearings, because the dealer didn't have any 7mm bearings (darned freaky plates), so I went on Facebook and b*tched and moaned about the crappy bearings. Friends heard my call and got me in touch with the creator of Cheezeball bearings, who actually sent me two sets to try out. I was shocked that anyone would be that generous, and I told him I would put them through their paces and get back to him about the outcome. Cheezeballs come in three styles, Cheddar, Gouda and Swiss. Swiss is the highest end, and Cheddar is the more basic. Zack sent me a set of Gouda and Swiss. I put the Goudas in my wheels and gave the Swiss set to Elmar Alexander Ashman who is a speed skater coach who works with the CRG at speed practice. You can see him in action here. (He's wearing the light blue speed outfit.) After using the bearings for a couple of months, I fell in love with them. They felt great from the very first time I skated with them, and Elmar said that the Cheezeball bearings were as good as any he's ever used and will definitely keep them in his racing rotation. When I switch out my plates and have to buy some 8mm bearings, I'm buying more Cheezeballs in the future!" - Elektra Q-Tion ( )

"Since changing to Cheddars, I have seen a drastic improvement in my jammer skills" - Dirty Rawkstar, Jacksonville RollerGirls

"I have been skating on them for a couple of months now and they seems as smooth as they were the first day I tried them!" - Tara Armov, Los Angeles Derby Dolls Cheddar Bearings

"VERY fast! I felt a marked difference when skating on these bearings." - Chrome Molly, Southern Oregon Rollergirls Chedder Bearings

"I liked how speedy they felt ever with outdoor wheels on." - Scarlene, Los Angeles Derby Dolls Gouda Bearings

"Best bearings I ever used. It's like skating on ice." - Hell Toro, OC Rollergirls Swiss Bearings

"Chedders are the perfect upgrade for the novice skater or the budget minded veteran. Swiss are great speed bearings. On a long track the superior roll really helps reduce fatigue in my opinion." - Crash Register, Jacksonville RollerGirls

"Amazing spin - they go on forever!" - Hyper Nova, Stockholm Roller Derby, Team Sweden Gouda Bearings

"Cheeders are great for flat track & outdoor skating. Goudas are by far the best bearing I have skated on. 10 out of 10" Buster Mufinhaf, Magic City Misfits

"I was super impressed with both the Chedders & the Swiss. With my old bearings I tended to slow down faster when coasting. I coach a lot on polished concrete and am super excited to have the Chedders in my Poisons next time I go coach." Betty Ford Galaxy, Rat City Roller Girls, Seattle Derby Brats & N.O.W. Roller Derby boot camps

"The Swiss were amazing...I LOVE them. The never seemed to stop rolling, my skates wanted to run away from me." - Swede Hurt, Crime City Rollers, Team Legit, & SwedeVix Skateshop

"Hugh Jackman... Russell Crowe...RMRG...Thunderdome..." Penergy, Sunstate State Roller Girls. She liked Cheezeballs Bearings so much she is using them in her upcoming movie "Star Cross'd Jammers" which should be out this fall.

Why choose Cheezeballs?

  • Tested and used by Pros
  • Created by people passionate about Skating
  • Exceeds ABEC 7 Standards
  • Aerospace Quality Materials
  • Non-Corrosive Nylon Cages