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Billy Motion

Billy Motion is a Roller Derby Coach, Referee, Skater and most important a family man. He grew up in Grand Blanc Michigan where he lived at the local rink on friday night. At age 14 he moved to California where he has established his home. Billy is a hard working man that has 2 jobs, a wife, 2 young children and is a roller derby enthusiast. in 2006 Billy and his wife Ima Blowbya would embarked on a journey the would soon become a lifestyle. He lives and breathes roller derby, when he is not taking the kids to soccer/basketball practice or working his night time job as a supervisor at the local arena, he is on the internet studying, watching and understanding the game of roller derby.

As a Coach, Billy starting building his foundation under the name of Coach Ritalin. He coached the Bakersfield Rollergirls for 3 solid years and brought up several skaters who still play the game today. After a brief retirement Billy was asked to head coach the Derby Revolution of Bakersfield where he had yet another name change and Corporal PunisHER was born. With aspiration of making it to the national level Billy began studying the ever evolving strategic side of roller derby during the time when derby was evolving and growing by leaps and bounds. After 2 years Billy decided to call it quits for good as a derby coach in December of 2010 and pursue his reffing career under the new and final name Billy Motion. In June of 2011 he was approached with an offer he could not refuse, a chance to coach Angel City Derby Girls, a member of the WFTDA and ranked 10th in the Western Region. In September 2011 Billy was one step closer to fulfilling his dream as he coached the ACDG girls at the Western Regional playoffs in Portland Oregon where they entered the tournament inthe 10th spot and left the tournament in 9th. In 2012 Billy lead his team to an 8th place showing in the 2012 WFTDA Western Regional playoffs. He hopes to lead ACDG up the ranks of WFTDA in hopes that one day his dream of coaching at the Big show ,the National Championship, will come true.

As a Referee, Billy started reffing local games while coaching to understand all sides of Rollerderby. After his second retirement he had a new goal of becoming a WFTDA certified ref. In a year and a half he would build up his refume with alot of tournament sanctioned level games toward achieving his goal, traveling to Las Vegas, Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Indiana. With over70 bouts under his belt in just under 2 years his dream came true in June of 2011 where Billy became a certified level 2 Official for the WFTDA. In October 2011 Billy referee'd his first Regional Playoff tournament in Indianapolis Indiana. Knowing this side of the game has made Billy a better coach and has given him a different perspective of the game.

As a Skater, Billy has participated in a number of All Star games and has skated in over 40 bouts. He has played all over the United States subbing for teams like Dry Heat Militia out of Tucson AZ and Capital City Skullcrushers out of Boise ID to skating in 30 plus Challenge bouts a year at the biggest Roller Derby convention "Rollercon". In 2010 he wanted to skate competitiively so he gathered a bunch of guys and formed Slick City Rollerz where he currently skates. in 2011 he participated in the first ever mens bout in CA where he help lead his team to victory against the Deep Valley Belligerents. Slick City went 3-0 in its first season and plans to continue the streak in 2012.

Billy is one of the fewif not the only person in the world that can say he is a WFTDA certified ref, coaches a WFTDA womens team and is a co-founder of an up and coming men’s league. He has dedicated the last few years to the advancement of the Sport of Roller Derby and is well known for his coaching, reffing, and skating ability.