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How can you tell when someone is just meant for something? In Nuke's case it was the fact she didn't have to come up with a derby name. It was a name given to her by a childhood friend. But it proved entirely appropriate as any oppsing blocker will tell you. Starting with the Jacksonville RollerGirls in 2006, she has been with the team for basically every bout and hasn't missed a travel team bout in anyone's memory. I am not sure if that is just impressive or just down right scary.

While Nuke can display moments of pure finesse on the track, she is more known for forcing her way thru opposing wall and leaving the blockers wondering which way that truck went that hit them. That isn't to say it isn't appreciated by the teams she is facing though. She was named the tournament MVP at the 2012 Franky Panky event in Tampa after so many players put her name down for an award. And they didn't even have that award when the event started, so that just tells you the kind of respect they hold for her.

When she isn't mowing down opposing players or scoring points, Nuke is the training coach for JRG and molder of young minds as a elementary school teacher. Yes, mold them... mold them into jr derby players....excellent....