Cheezeballs Sponsored Skating Teams

Pictures and Bios of our Cheezeballs Sponsored Skating Teams

Elektra High Voltage

Elektra Highvoltage began skating with Tucson Roller Derby in late 2010. With no previous skating experience other than the occasional inline skating around the neighborhood in her youth, she jumped into the sport without knowing what it really took to be a derby skater. Upon realizing that roller derby was a serious challenge, she began training on and off the track. She was soon drafted onto her home team, the VICE Squad and soon made it on to the All-Stars travel team, the Saddletramps. In her interleague debut, Elektra was chosen as MVP. She also skates for Missile Mountain in Colorado as part of a banked track team comprising flat track skaters from all around North America. As short as her derby journey might have been, Elektra is a silent threat to those who oppose her.

Elektra is proving to be a very tough competitor. In early January 2012 she fell awkwardly and thought she perhaps hurt her wrist or arm. After playing 7 jams when her hand was blue & she couldn't move her fingers it was found to have been broken. Now who skates with a broken arm and then 2 weeks later is trying to push her way into playing a bout with a cast on? Elektra HighVoltage that's who! We can't wait to see where 2012 and beyond takes her in her derby career.