Tara Armov

What do you say about the notorious Tara Armov but AMAZING!

After getting a small taste of derby thru the TXRD Lonestar Rollergirls in 2003, Tara started her derby career in 2004 with the LA Derby Dolls. She captained the LADD all-star team the Ri-Ettes, led their home team the Fight Crew to the only undefeated season in Derby Doll history and spent 8 incredible season skating as a member of the league. However, time and injury eventual gets everyone.... even Tara. So at the end of the 2011 season she unfortunately retired from active skating with the Dolls.

However if you think Tara was done with derby you are quite mistaken. She still puts the LADD fresh meat thru "Tarametics" at practice, is one of the leagues on-line announcers for their bouts, started the Banked Track News web site with her husband Busta Armov, announces for DNN, skates the occasional game with the LA Rejects roller derby team & even more. She's busier now than when she was an active player. How is that possible??? Only someone who has her own drinking game could pull all that off.

Interesting Info

  • Tara is also an accomplished illustrator.
  • Her work can be seen currently on Fox's "Bob's Burgers".
  • She has a penchant for voicing her opinion loudly at bouts.
  • She tends to coach from the stands.
  • She has been known to flip tables.

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