What the Pros say about Cheezeballs

“When I switch over to Cheezeballs I could feel the difference. I could feel the difference on how smoothly it felt when I skated. I highly recommend cheezeballs to anyone who does roller derby, skates outside.”

Ashley Zaino Queen City Roller Girls

"Since changing to Cheddars, I have seen a drastic improvement in my jammer skills"

Rosie Derivator Altanta Roller Derby

“I didn’t know what I was missing ‘till I tried Cheezeballs and now I am NEVER going back. They’ve given me an extra edge and I’ve really noticed a difference. Plus, they just keep going and going and going... I love them!”

Elaine Snowden Dublin Roller Derby

"Cheezeballs has unparalleled roll- these guys are fast and just don’t quit! Cheddar is better - you won’t find a better bearing!"

Faith Cortright Philly Roller Derby

"The last thing you want to do is spend endless amounts of money on bearings. Cheezeballs last SO LONG they keep me going so the competition is all I am thinking about. I love these bearings, they are a part of my skates."

Eirinn Go Brawl Jacksonville Roller Derby

"I have been rolling on Cheezeballs bearings for 6+ years and wouldn’t dream of using anything else. My favorite things about them is that they are smooth, versatile, and incredibly low maintenance. The best bearings!!"

Lindsey Mueller Oly Rollers

"When I switched to Cheezeballs, I never knew what a difference it would make in my skating. Years later, they are still the only bearings I use! With practice four times or more a week, I don’t ever need to question what will keep my skates rolling smooth!"

Mo Mcintosh Gotham Girls Roller Derby

"When I Swissed over to Cheezeballz Bearings, I couldn't believe I'd ever used anything else! I thought my previous bearings worked well, but these were just so much Cheddar! If you want to roll Gouda, there's only Cheezeballz Bearings!"

Maurine Filip Stockholm Roller Derby

"Cheezeballs are the best quality bearing out today! They don't corrode like other bearings because the steal is truly superior. If you enjoy outdoor, aggressive, roller derby and even jam skating these are the bearings you need!"

Kiki Dickie Rocky Mountain Rollergirls

"I skate park, street, aggressive, and derby! I wouldn't trust any other bearing to keep me rolling other than Cheezeballs! They keep my speed, don't wear out, and let me focus on my tricks. Ever since I switched I have seen a marked difference in my moves, I'll never use another bearing!"

Nicole Noller Rocky Mountain Rollergirls

"Cheezeballs are the only bearings I trust when going out to compete. Trusting your bearings is something you don't want to question during competition. I fully trust Cheezeballs and I know you will too! Try them, you won't be disappointed!"

Urrk’n Martin Rocky Mountain Rollergirls
WFTDA Hydra Winner 2010

"I have now been on Cheezeballs bearings since RollerCon 2017 and I can now say I know what a good bearing is and isn’t. That is why Cheezeballs is the difference maker: their bearing are not only greatly made but make me a better skater. They have made a product that can really change your game."


Cheddar Bearings

Cheezeball Cheddars are everything you want in an entry level bearing at an awesome price!

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Gouda Bearings

Cheezeball Goudas are an excellent, affordable way to step up into the beautiful world of ceramic bearings.

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Swiss Bearings

Cheezeball Swiss Bearings are the culmination of almost 2 years of real world roller derby testing.

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